Sunday, 27 June 2010

Crafting with....toilet paper!

ZoeChaos has asked me to share the toilet paper technique that Sheena demostrated on Creative Crafts and one I have used in the architectural piece. Its a really fun technique and so dimensional

First tear about 6 sheets of toilet paper from a roll and fold them together as shown.

Choose a stamp to mould the tissue onto. It needs to be a detailed one which makes a deep impression. The Creative Expressions Lost Garden set is perfect for this.

Spritz the tissue until it is quite wet and then place it over the stamp.Press on and around the tissue to mould it to the stamp. You can use a stiff dry paintbrush to dab over it to really get the detail out.I have found it best to then leave it to dry in the sun or overnight, but Sheena did us a heat gun.

When dry you can rub an inkpad over it, use cosmic shimmers and acrylic paint to bring out the detail of the moulding.

I hope this make sense! but please email me if you need more information / help.


Netty said...

Thank you for sharing this technique, just got to give this a go...... Annette x

Zoechaos said...

Thank you Emma great explanation will have to try this. xx Zoe

Netty said...

Hi Sparkly Fairy, I said I would try this and I have. Fabulous, now have to decide what next to do with it. Thank you so much for sharing this. Annette x

crafty creations said...

Great "How too" Emma xx Hilda

mommabear said...

Great resultlooks realy I must give it a go

craftytrog said...

Thanks for the tute Emma! x

Queen Bee said...

WOW! Very interesting! I never realized such a thing could be done. I may have to try this.
Queen Bee Studio

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